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Visitor Learns about AMS News Feature
If you were expecting to read some exciting news, then we're sorry for playing with your emotions.

This is really a demonstration of the built-in newsletter function of our system. Your alumni site can have its own online newsletter. Articles are easily added with just a web browser, and you can include graphics in any article. No HTML or other technical skills are needed to publish your newsletter; just point-click-publish!

Blog articles may contain images and links to other web-based information. Everyting is managed on user-friendly forms; no HTML knowledge is assumed.

You can selectively allow members to write articles in the News (blog), which articles will carry their by-lines and link to their profiles automatically. Your friends and classmates can be connected via the Web as never before.

(The DEMO user's status has been upgraded to allow access to editing tools. This capability also allows the operator of a site-network to assign others certain content creation, management and other tasks. This status is only valid during guided tours. The example shows the current article in edit mode.)

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