Alumni Management Services
News, networks, fundraising... Community!
A Home Business Opportunity

You, as an independent editor-publisher in association with Alumni Management Services, can manage alumni magazines and directories for high schools and colleges. Revenue comes from advertising and subscriptions. Expenses include Internet access (not provided by the publishing host), hosting fees and technology licenses. This is neither a franchise nor a multi-level marketing promotion.

You do not need extensive technical training. Typing and point and click skills are sufficient for all text-oriented functions. A basic understanding of Internet addressing is needed. Familiarity with a graphics program capable of generating .GIF, .JPEG and .PNG images is desirable, but these skills can be readily subcontracted in most cities. You got here; you can do this!


The following is a sample document you might develop to solicit clients. Of course, you'd want to spruce it up for your local or regional situation and to add your own style.

Your school can have its own online alumni magazine!

Yes, all the Cougars, Rattlers, Dawgs and Marmots can stay in touch over the years. Without popup menus, spam, or intrusions by outside interests.

AND you can use your magazine to generate revenue for projects like scholarships or reunions. Why use a generic alumni site when you can have your own?

(INDEPENDENT EDITOR-PUBLISHER) can set up everything for you and edit your magazine in close cooperation with your alumni association. It will have your name, your imagery, your symbols and best of all, stories about you and your classmates.

The alumni directory is a simple way to maintain addresses and other contact information, and each classmate can have a personal page or even a complete web site, all within your own domain.

It's inexpensive, too. And local advertisers will probably pick up the small monthly fee. Done right, your magazine can be a great fundraiser to support alumni functions, scholarships or school events.

For more information on your exciting alumni magazine, contact (INDEPENDENT EDITOR-PUBLISHER) today describing your project.

Income Potential

Net revenue potential is a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Click here for a projection of hypothetical revenue and expenses.

The pro forma shows you how your affiliated alumni associations can earn money, too.

Once you've read the pro forma, you may ask, "if this is such a great deal, why aren't you doing it yourselves?" The answer is we are, just as fast as we can. But there are two good reasons to set others up to do the same thing with our technology:

  1. We can't possibly contact all the possible publishers or associations directly and maintain the type of quality we want to deliver
  2. We want real content on the sites, related to the real people who are alumni of the various schools. If you have visited the various generic alumni sites that purport to bring "classmates" together, then you know that they're about popup ads, maudlin stories about people you never heard of and, yes, spam. In contrast, your sites will be locally developed, locally edited and of local interest.

Send No Money!

Here's how we work. We don't want you to spend money if you can't make it work in your community. So please contact alumni associations in your area, show them the service and get back to us when you've lined up your first client organization. Only then will we arrange to set up the system with you as a multi-client account manager/affiliate. Done right, we'll all make a few dollars and provide a great service to our friends and neighbors.

Please read the sample sales materials and the pro forma. We look forward to hearing from you.