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Alumni Management Services
News, networks, fundraising...
Fundraising Tools
Numerous fundraising tools are seamlessly integrated into the magazines, directories and other services. We have membership registration and signup, 'net access, web sites, and inline advertising (banner and display). Need to buy new uniforms? We can activate special-purpose donation links, so your booster and event-management groups can receive direct contributions.

This page lists only a few of the ways you can use your site(s) and magazine(s) to earn money for your organization. Please examine our sample business plan and consider how your alumni publishing effort can raise money for your organization.

Membership Fees

Membership fees can be automatically collected as part of the simple registration process. You can decide whether to allow unpaid registrations; we'll customize the registration procedure. We support PayPal as our standard payment process. We can customize the procedure to accommodate other methods.

Web Sites for Alumni, Supporters

You can provide personal web sites for your members and their families. You can also be a resource for your local community, providing sites for small businesses and other organizations.

We have a program for training students to create and maintain sites for your friends and supporters. Their sites can have all the features of this site, with a look and feel defined by your local editorial team.


Build a product catalog and sell memorabilia and theme merchandise associated with your school. We can set up a standard catalog and the necessary shopping cart. You just upload pictures and type product descriptions. You'll pay only a credit card collection fee and a per-transaction service fee. We charge a small fee for implementation, testing and training. You'll be responsible for handling the money, for accounting and for any taxes.

Reunion Support

In a typical year, between six and ten classes will hold reunions. You can be a huge help to reunion planners by maintaining a list that doesn't go out of date in five and ten year intervals. And for that service, you can ask a contribution from reunion planners. A typical reunion effort involves multiple mailings with attendant printing and list management. You can set up local procedures to handle locally unique details, but our directory system provides the core data, and it's self-maintaining, as alumni continually (with your reminders) log in and keep their contact data current. Why should your reunion committees be dependent on remote, often disinterested list managers when you're the ones who really care?

Interactive Ads and Services

In an earlier era, this section might have been labeled "advertising," but on the Web, it's better called "interactive services."

You can provide many meaningful services to businesses, governments and organizations in your community and to your school itself. Ask the community to sponsor your site, and give them meaningful services - visibility and communication - in return.

Directory Listings

Invite local business to list themselves in your Directory. It's similar to the Yellow Pages. Charge a nominal fee. The directory listing can link to informational content on your site or to the sponsor's own site. All directory content is managed with simple forms.

Banner Ads

Rotating banner ads can link to inline content, to directory items, or to web based information about your supporters, whether it's on your site or elsewhere. You can charge for these links or you can negotiate reciprocal services from local groups and businesses. Additional revenue can come from creative services you provide, or you can contract with a local designer or with students or alumni for art and writing.

Display Ads

On the Web, "display ads" can actually be interactive tools your advertisers can use to generate active leads, to register their own members or to communicate with yours. You can earn money for placement, impressions (views) and creative services. These services can be provided by students or alumni, who can earn money from the program or donate their time.

Forms, Polls, Questionnaires

Our automated forms system and poll generators can help you know your members' needs, and they can also be used on behalf of your supporters. You can charge fees for the latter.

Fees? Donations? Contributions?

To paraphrase the Bard of Avon, "a donation by any other name would smell as sweet." We've mixed the terms fee, donation and contribution liberally in this site. Your accountant may want you to be more precise, but we don't have to. We're not accountants, and we make no representation about the taxability of your revenue or net proceeds. So there!