Alumni Management Services
News, networks, fundraising... Community!
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Features of the System
Membership Roster
Create a comprehensive list of all affiliated persons. Upload class lists and assign class coordinators. Personal data are secure, private, and never for sale by AMS.
Social Network
Online members are a subset of the master list (roster). Alumni can join on line and can maintain their own contact data. Registration enables access to special features.
Save on newsletter mailing costs by publishing your news on line. Just activate a news page and start adding articles. Create categories (sports, history...) and allocate articles to them.
Calendar of Events
Manage the calendar yourself or let alumni add their own events.
Image Gallery
Build a permanent archive of pictures and photo essays.
Forms and Surveys
Ask your members!
Event Coordination
The decennial panic before the reunion can be gone forever. Use the Calendar, Blog and Forums to coordinate events of all types. Easily link to third-party organizers and ticket sellers.
Sell those good ol' t-shirts and coffee mugs in your own catalog or link to affiliated vendors.
Multiple General-purpose Pages
Use these pages for information about the association that is relatively unchanging
Member Sites
(Optional) Let your members build their own sites under your umbrella.
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