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Community News
Blog Post Flexibility
The community blog is very flexible, with automated placement of text and graphics, links to member (author) records and profiles and automatic archiving of prior posts by the editor(s) and members.

Upload a graphic for each post, or refererence external graphics. Automatically thumbnail uploaded graphics for rapid delivery and flexible layout. (Click the image for a larger copy.)

Set the blog to accept comments by members, the public, or no one, and the same setting is available on each post.

Getting long-winded? No problem, just insert a break point, and the system will chop your text and provide a "more" link to the full text. This lets you display more posts on the "front page" of your blog. (There IS more.)

Set your blog to aggregate posts from members you've authorized to publish to the community. Other personal blogs are linked from the member roster.

Use your blog for quick member updates; use the Newsletter for longer articles. Build photo essays with the Gallery; use Podcasts to capture the sights and sounds of alumni events. Tie all these features together with the blog's cross-linking features. Finally, put a preview of headlines and synopses anywhere on the site (an example is on our home page).

If your site is the major source of news for a large community, add our Journalmaker™ option and build a full scale news magazine.

There are many other options. Your representative can discuss the system in detail.