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Alumni Management Services
News, networks, fundraising...
News, Directories, Blogs, Fundraising, Advertising...
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Fundraising: Individual alumni sites can include all features of parent site. Other fundraising techniques: advertising, directory...

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Customize your main site with your own imagery and color scheme; change it's look with the seasons or the latest design trends.

AMS publishes comprehensive alumni social networking sites for small associations that are striving to minimize costs. And it's suitable as a fundraising tool, too.

The system lets you keep up with publishing deadlines and the demands of everyday life. No technical skills are needed beyond point-click-publish! It's designed for novice publishers and for persons familiar with desktop publishing. If you know HTML/CSS (sorry, but at some point buzzwords inevitably emerge), you can enhance the basic system with your own designs.

Our support team is available to help you at each step in the process.

Most importantly, you can use those same tools to offer services to members and earn a share of the proceeds, and earn even more if you provide the direct technical support.


The following example(s) demonstrate only some of the options you — and your guests — will have.

Try it out!

  • Join the site and create your own member page; type updates and upload your portrait.
  • Participate in discussion forums.
  • Comment on pages and news items.
  • Follow links to see the range of content that can be supported. Most is entirely automated and requires no HTML or other page layout control by the user.
  • All navigation is automated.
  • External content is easily linked, too.
Visitor content in this demonstration is erased daily, so please don't waste your time trying to insert spurious content like ads and links to your own site(s).

Added Services

Alumni Management Services provides optional list management tools and member communications. You can choose our service, or you can extract lists and do it yourself.

OK, How Much?

It's inexpensive, too. See the Programs page for options.

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