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Welcome! If you're responsible for managing alumni lists and publishing news about graduates of your alma mater, we have good news:

Alumni Management Services℠ can provide the tools you need to lighten the load and increase communication. Your own alumni site makes it easy to report news, stay in touch and manage class lists.

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Features & Benefits:
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Social Networking

Within your own, private social network, each member can publish instant news, maintain a personal image gallery (coming in 2019) and participate in discussion groups. A confidential messaging tool lets members communicate privately within the site without revealing contact data. Personal data is confidential and is never sold to third-party advertisers by AMS.

Member Profiles

Each member has a profile with personal information of the members choosing, an portrait and links to other networks and personal sites and favorites. Depending on the level of service selected by the network owner, a gallery of images and videos may also be available. Of course, the page header and color scheme would follow your own design.

Updates & Galleries

Each member's profile has an Update feature; members can post brief comments or announcements optionally combined with an image and a link. Updates can be echoed in other parts of the site with various content selections and abbreviations at the editor's discretion.

franka 15-Mar-2019
Now testing forums. Posting topics, replies, edits...
Anonymous 09-May-2018
Now at Island Apartments, Lompoc, CA.

Groups & Forums

This discussion group preview draws members' comments from many parts of the site. You customize the preview; more comments are visible in the Forums. Click a heading to see the topic and responses.
Higher than yesterday, but below peak of '74.
Why didn't the first topic appear in the list?


A blog/newsletter is a standard feature of every site. Navigation and categorization are standardized, and a link to a calendar of events is optional. Many features of the layout can be customized. Each article has an automated entry feature for one graphic and one link adjacent to the text, and knowledgeable users can publish additional links via standard markup. Click a title to see the format of individual articles. Many other conventional publishing features are available.

Daily Bruin Alumni News
We're happy to welcome the alumni of the UCLA Daily Bruin, an award-winning newspaper that will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The Bruin began as an adjunct part of the UC Berkeley newspaper shortly after the Los Angeles campus was founded in 1919.

Active alumni span the 20th Century... Continues...
Visitor Learns about AMS News Feature
If you were expecting to read some exciting news, then we're sorry for playing with your emotions.

This is really a demonstration of the built-in newsletter function of our system. Your alumni site can have its own online newsletter. Articles are easily added with just a web browser, and you can... Continues...
Blog Post Flexibility
The community blog is very flexible, with automated placement of text and graphics, links to member (author) records and profiles and automatic archiving of prior posts by the editor(s) and members.

Upload a graphic for each post, or refererence external graphics. Automatically thumbnail uploaded... Continues...
Dawgs Soar over Eagles
In a startling upset, our Dawgs defeated the Eagles of Western last weekend. This was the first time in eleven outings that the locals had beaten the always dominant team from Western.

Coach Johnson said "This game was a career highlight for me."

Veteran player Bob Nevermind scored 37 to lead... Continues...